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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miracle Food Liquidates Cancer!

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Dear Kelley -

There are dozens of alternative treatments for cancer. The question is, which ones are hype - or wishful thinking - and which ones really work? And wouldn't you like to know the one, single cancer-beating secret that one expert believes works better than any other?

After Bill Henderson lost his wife to cancer 15 years ago, he became obsessed with finding out what went wrong - and what he could have done to save her. As a retired Air Force colonel and a successful businessman, he had the time and money to find out.

Bill knew there had to be a better way than "chemotherapy hell." He investigated dozens of alternative AND mainstream treatments from top to bottom. He made himself into one of the world's top cancer experts. And he identified the one treatment that he believes works the best.

Bill has personally coached thousands of cancer patients. And he ALWAYS suggests this treatment as the first thing to try. "Almost any kind of cancer is reversible," says Bill. "I never give up on anyone."

Even more amazing, this is a "kitchen table" cure that anyone can do at home for about five bucks a day!

Read Bill's valuable new report below.

"What's going on?
The cancer
is melting away!"


...exclaimed the South Carolina doctor who'd given his "terminal" lung cancer patient "six months to live."

Little did the doctor know his patient was curing her cancer at home with perhaps the most effective cancer-killing miracle food on planet earth...

...a miracle food that kills cancer better than chemo, as proven by the seven-time Nobel Prize nominee who discovered it...

...a miracle food that gives cancer patients more energy and zest for life...

...a miracle food that "liquidates" cancer - melting it away without causing side effects...

...a miracle food that astonishes conventional doctors, as in the following stories...

  • "Terminal" lung cancer melted away naturally:
    The doctor gave no hope to 80-year-old Beulah from South Carolina. He said, "We have no treatment for you. You have six months to live." During a follow-up exam two months later the doctor asked, "What's going on? The cancer is melting away!" Another doctor compared her before-and-after X-rays and said, This can't be the same woman. There's no cancer here!"
  • "Terminal" brain cancer melted away naturally:
    Seventh-generation Louisiana plantation owner Richard L. checked into a hospice - a place where you go to wait for death - after a doctor gave him "two months to live." When Richard learned about the miracle food he checked out of the hospice and cured his cancer at home! Four years later he was alive and well, gladly sharing his health secret with anyone willing to listen.
  • "Terminal" breast cancer melted away naturally:
    A doctor from Little Rock, Arkansas, gave Sandra G. "two months to live." But this doctor was stunned to learn that Sandra got rid of her cancer at home. Sandra says, "This is almost embarrassing to say, but when I started on the new eating plan, it was almost like the toxins were coming out of my pores. I could kind of smell myself."
  • "Terminal" ovarian cancer melted away naturally:
    Mariah P.'s cancer doctor in Wisconsin gave her "three months to live" because her ovarian cancer had spread to her liver. But she proved the doctor wrong by getting rid of the hidden cause of her cancer. Today she's cancer free, and her future is bright.
  • "Terminal" colo-rectal cancer melted away naturally:
    A doctor in Boston told Will R., a management consultant, that he had just "six months to live." But Will got rid of his cancer at home with the miracle food. And then he discovered that his other health problems were also gone: no more splitting headaches, no more sleep apnea, no more chronic fatigue, no more severe night sweats, and no more fungus on his feet.


     Dear Friend,

     I remember November 1, 1994, as if it were yesterday. That's the day my wife, Marge, died from the poisonous effects of chemotherapy.

     Let me tell you something: it wasn't cancer that killed my wife. It was the cancer treatment. The chemo destroyed her immune system, made her feel miserable, and broke down her will to live. She said the chemo made her feel "like hell." It sickened her so much that she wanted to die.

     The doctors were hell-bent on killing my wife's cancer, and they met their goal - but their drugs also killed the patient.

     I'm writing you this letter because I don't want you or your loved ones to go through the nightmare my wife went through. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

How I discovered a gentle way to beat cancer

     If I'd known then what I know now, my wife would probably still be alive today. Believe it or not, I found an incredibly powerful yet gentle way to beat cancer - a way that makes the patient feel good and healthy. In fact, you can cure almost any cancer at home - even "terminal" cancers - for pennies on the dollar compared to the $10,000-a-month chemo drugs.

     And without any miserable side effects.

     You see, after Marge's death, I embarked on a full-time research project to find a better way to treat cancer. And in my research I found a suppressed cure - a miracle that literally "melts" cancer away.

     But don't expect to hear about this cure from your doctor. He probably doesn't know about it, because the drug-oriented medical establishment has suppressed it. Why? Because big profits are at stake.

     As the late physician, author, and diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins, M.D., once said:

     "There is not one, but many cures for cancer available. But they are all being systematically suppressed by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the major oncology centers. They have too much of an interest in the status quo."

     But even if your doctor knew about the natural cure for cancer, he could get into big trouble with his medical board for recommending a cancer treatment other than chemotherapy.

     That's right. Your doctor isn't free to tell you the truth about your cancer treatment options, because health freedom in America is disappearing.

     But I'm free to tell you the truth about cancer treatment options because I'm not a doctor. I can speak freely.

     Let me briefly introduce myself to you. I'm Bill Henderson, a retired Air Force colonel and a retired business owner.

     I write books about how to beat cancer gently and naturally, and I host a radio program on the same subject. What's more, I've spoken with more than 3,000 cancer patients from all over the world over the last several years. In a typical day, six or seven cancer patients call me to ask about their treatment options.

     I tell these patients that if I ever had cancer, I'd cure it at home myself instead of using chemo and radiation. Why? Because I've seen what works and what doesn't work.

     Let me tell you the story about the technology tycoon who almost lost his wife.

Technology tycoon thanks me for saving his wife's life

     Rebecca K. and her husband live in Palm Beach, Florida. But during hurricane season you're more likely to find them at their yacht club in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The husband is the heir to a technology fortune.

     Rebecca and her husband are so grateful for my help as a cancer coach that they recently treated my wife and me to three nights at their Gloucester yacht club.

     They're absolutely convinced that I saved Rebecca's life.

     Nearly 10 years ago Rebecca started suffering heavy bleeding during her periods. Doctors found uterine cancer and recommended radiation therapy. She told them, "No, thank you." She preferred to look for a natural remedy.

     Somehow Rebecca came across my method, and she hired me as a coach. She did the simple cancer-curing protocol, which I describe in chapter five of my new Special Report.

     When I spoke to Rebecca recently, she told me, "Bill, you gave me what's the most precious thing in the world: another day - and many more!"

     I love to hear statements like that, and I hear them all the time. That's why I say that this is the most fulfilling thing I've done in my entire life. Nothing else has been anywhere near as gratifying as what I do now. Every day I get an opportunity to help somebody who's suffering. And what could be better than that?

A Rolls Royce cancer treatment program on a VW budget!

     You can get rid of almost any cancer without surgery, without radiation, and without chemo.

     I'm talking about a Rolls Royce cancer treatment program on a Volkswagen budget.

     Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I'm not asking you to believe anything just yet. Keep reading and see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof.

     In the next five minutes, I'll prove to you that there's a gentle and effective way to get rid of just about any cancer.

     I'm going to tell you about the best cancer cure I know of - a cure that routinely melts away even stage-four cancers.

Doc says, "two months left to live?" Don't believe it!

     You see, many of the cancer patients I've helped were written off as "hopeless" and "terminal." Their doctors just gave up on them, telling them they had "two months to live," "three months to live," or "six months to live." But I've personally seen these death sentences reversed when the patients used the home cure I recommend.

     Earlier, I mentioned several cases of "terminal" cancer patients, including Richard, the plantation owner from Louisiana who was dying of brain cancer and had "two months to live." He walked out of his hospice - a place where people wait to die - and cured his cancer at home with the miracle food I recommended to him - a miracle food named in my new Special Report, How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day.

     When I interviewed him four years later, he was in good health, and he told me he was sharing his health secret with anyone willing to listen.

     Have you ever heard of someone walking out of a hospice and curing terminal brain cancer at home? Shouldn't the medical profession be shouting from the rooftops about this amazing cure?

     Well, don't hold your breath for that to happen. It would cost the drug companies a fortune in lost profits if too many people started using this miracle food. And the drug companies will do everything in their power to make sure the medical establishment keeps this natural cancer cure under wraps.

How this miracle food kills cancer cells by the millions

     Let me tell you how the miracle food works. It's a little bit technical, but I'll explain it in plain language. It's my favorite cancer cure - the cornerstone of my simple protocol to cure cancer at home. If cancer patients do only one thing, they should eat this miracle food every day.

     It can't hurt. It's only food.

     Actually, the miracle food is a combination of two foods that you mix together. You can get these foods at grocery stores and health food stores all over the developed world. And if that fails you can get them from the Internet.

     In the 1950s, a medical researcher discovered that when you combine these two foods in a blender, they form a unique molecule that has an amazing power: it oxygenates the entire body all the way down to the cellular level. The researcher was nominated for a Nobel Prize seven times because of this discovery.

     It's critical for cancer patients to oxygenate their cells because cancer cells are anaerobic. That means they thrive in an oxygen-free environment. These abnormal cells live and multiply through a fermentation process and they can't stand oxygen.

Like exposing a vampire to sunshine

     Bringing fresh oxygen to cancer cells is like exposing a vampire to bright sunshine. If you've ever seen a vampire movie, you know that when sunlight shines on the vampire, the vampire recoils, shrivels up, and dies.

     Well, the same thing happens when you blast cancer cells with an extra dose of fresh oxygen. They shrivel up and die by the millions. And that makes it critical that cancer patients regularly blast cancer cells with high doses of fresh oxygen. And that's exactly what this miracle food does.

     The cancer patient can easily get into a downward spiral: when the body's cells start to run down, they attract less oxygen from the blood stream, causing them to become even more run down and attract even less oxygen. Cancer thrives in this downward spiral.

     Here's how the miracle food reverses the downward spiral:

  • Because this miracle food is water-soluble, the human body easily absorbs it so that it can travel right to the cells, which are in dire need of help!
  • In layman's terms, this miracle food attaches "magnets" to the walls of the cells. These tiny "magnets" attract oxygen, pulling extra oxygen to the cells from the vast network of blood vessels.
  • This miracle food makes the cells' walls more permeable so the newly attracted oxygen can actually enter the cells and energize them.

     This oxygen disrupts the cancer cells' anaerobic environment, causing the cancer cells to die by the millions! Eating this miracle food brings extra oxygen to ALL of your body's cells. It reinvigorates normal cells, making them healthier and more disease resistant.

Like melting the Wicked Witch of the West

     Oxygenating cancer causes the cancer to melt. If you've ever seen the Wizard of Oz, I'm sure you remember what happened when Dorothy splashed the bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West. The Witch moaned, "I'm melting... melting..." as she got "liquidated" into a dark puddle.

     Well, that's pretty much what happens to the cancer cells when you eat the miracle food. As the cancer melts away, your body eliminates the dead cells.

     And there's another HUGE benefit. The miracle food also oxygenates and energizes your normal cells, making them healthier and protecting them from turning cancerous. In other words, you get protection from cancer for as long as you eat this amazing food. This is the cheapest health insurance I know of.

This miracle food can benefit ALL OF US,
whether we have cancer or not

     You see, this miracle food is for anyone who wants more energy and better health. So whether you're looking to lose weight, get pain relief, get more energy, prevent cancer, or cure cancer, I believe you could benefit from the miracle food.

     I eat the miracle food every day, even though I don't have cancer. And I attribute my good health to this miracle food. Here's how my health has changed:

  • I used to get at least one or two colds every year. But I've only had one cold in all the years since I've been eating the miracle food. That's because it has made my immune system as strong as steel!
  • I used to get the flu every year. But I haven't had the flu for years. Nor have I had any flu shots during that time.
  • I've lost weight and kept it off for years. My weight is ideal for my height. Yet I'm not "on a diet," and I don't feel deprived or hungry. The miracle food is the cornerstone of the healthy eating plan I recommend in my Special Report, "How to cure almost any cancer at home for $5.15 a day."
  • I used to have trouble sleeping, but now I sleep like a baby.
  • I used to run out of steam in the afternoon, but now my energy level is high throughout the day.
  • I'm mentally sharp. In fact, from my home I play bridge on the Internet with people all over the world.
  • I regularly sing in a quartet and have a ball.
  • I'm in vibrant health, and I no longer have aches and pains.

     Not bad for a guy who's almost 80 years old, wouldn't you agree? And the good news is, this miracle food could bring you and your loved ones these benefits as well.

     I know of no other substance that makes every cell in your body healthier and kills cancer cells at the same time.

     By the way, I don't sell the miracle food. And I won't make a dime if you go to the grocery story and buy it. I just want to tell you about it so you and your loved ones can benefit.

     I can even tell you where to get the miracle food at cost if you have cancer. Yes, there's a place that sells the miracle food to cancer patients at cost!

     For full information about the miracle food, click here to order my new Special Report, "How to cure almost any cancer at home for $5.15 a day."

     Let me tell you about how the miracle food helped 80-year-old Beulah from South Carolina overcome terminal lung cancer.

Doctor remarks, "This can't be the same woman!"

     A South Carolina doctor made it crystal clear that there was no hope for Beulah's lung cancer. On March 10, 2008, the doctor told her, "We have no treatment for you. You have six months to live."

     But Beulah's daughter found out about the miracle food from a friend and persuaded her mother to take it. After all, she had nothing to lose.

     Within two weeks, Beulah's doctor saw definite improvement: the cancer had stopped spreading. And with each subsequent visit, Beulah's cancer kept shrinking and shrinking. The doctor kept on pushing his chemo, but Beulah kept on refusing it.

     After two months, the doctor told Beulah's daughter, "I don't know what's going on with your mother, but her cancer is melting away."

     By Thanksgiving, 2008, the doctor was so astonished that he took Beulah's newest x-ray to the doctor who'd taken the first x-ray of her cancer in March of that same year. Looking at the two x-rays, the doctor remarked, "This can't be the same woman. There's no cancer here!"

     But it was the same woman. She was supposed to have died by September, according to his six-month prediction, but she had made it to Thanksgiving. And she was totally, 100 percent cancer free.

     Beulah's daughter, Peggy, loves to encourage people and help them get rid of their cancer. She told me I should list her phone number and e-mail address in my new Special Report in case any of my readers would like to contact her for details about Beulah's amazing story. And that's what I did: you'll find her phone number and e-mail address in my report.

Stop the conspiracy of silence!

     My clients routinely get rid of cancer using the same natural methods that Beulah used. Shouldn't that be front-page news? Shouldn't this story be on the evening news broadcasts of the national networks? Why does the cancer treatment industry keep these alternative treatments secret? I guess too much money is at stake.

     If the cancer treatment industry is trying to perpetuate a conspiracy of silence, then it's up to people like you and me to spread the truth far and wide. That's the only way to break this conspiracy.

     One courageous doctor who tried to break the conspiracy was the discoverer of the miracle food. Her discovery was so revolutionary that she was nominated for a Nobel Prize seven times. But the medical/drug establishment felt so threatened by her scientific breakthrough that they eliminated her funding, pulled the rug out from under her, and denied her access to sophisticated laboratory facilities. She lived out the rest of her days in obscurity.

     Another courageous doctor who championed the miracle food, Dr. D.C. Roehm, M.D., said, "Cancer is easily curable. The treatment is dietary/lifestyle. The response is immediate. The cancer cell is weak and vulnerable." (quoted in the "Townsend Letter for Doctors," July 1990).

     Though the medical establishment suppressed and ignored this discovery, it lives on through word-of-mouth. When people discover this incredible treatment and see what it can do, they can't wait to tell their friends and family - anyone they care about and want to help.

     I know of no other cancer cure that has reversed so many death sentences.

The cancer cure that fits on a recipe card

     As I mentioned earlier, the miracle food is the cornerstone of my cancer cure:

  • A method so simple it fits on a recipe card or index card you can tape to your refrigerator door
  • A method so easy that anyone can do it
  • A method so inexpensive at just $5.15 per day that almost everyone can afford it. What's more, after six weeks the cost drops to $3.50 per day, making it even less expensive.

     Believe it or not, I've seen terminal patients get rid of their cancer using only the miracle food I've been telling you about, which is the cornerstone of my protocol. When patients use my full protocol, which is so easy and inexpensive to do, cancer hardly stands a chance.

     Click here to order my new Special Report, "How to cure almost any cancer at home for $5.15 a day."

     To keep the cancer treatment racket going, the medical establishment helps perpetuate dangerous myths about cancer.

Five cancer myths debunked


Your chances are better with the latest "state of the art" drug, even if it costs $10,000 a month.


Cancer drugs fail 98 percent of the time! They're a waste of money!


Cancer cells are powerful and hard to stop.


Cancer cells are weak. Hit them with a blast of oxygen, and they die by the millions!


You just have to accept the pain, nausea, and hair loss that go along with chemo.


If chemo makes you sicker than you were to begin with, something is wrong. I've known thousands of patients who cured their cancer without misery.


Cancer doctors tell you to use chemo because they sincerely believe in it.


A McGill University study showed that cancer doctors wouldn't undergo chemo if they had cancer and wouldn't let their families do so, either!


My cancer doctor will tell me all about the most effective treatments.


Your cancer doctor could be hauled before the medical board for recommending anything other than surgery, radiation, and chemo.

Poison your child with chemo OR ELSE!

     You probably saw the news story about the 13-year-old Minnesota boy who fled the state with his mother to avoid another round of court-ordered chemotherapy. The first round of chemotherapy made the boy so sick he couldn't stand the nausea. He vowed to kick and scream if they ever tried to force more of the chemo drug into him.

     The boy wanted to use natural treatments instead of another round of chemo. But the government stepped in and ordered the mother to get her son back into chemotherapy or else!

     Well, after a nationwide warrant was issued for the mother's arrest, she and the boy had no choice but to return to Minnesota for another dreadful round of chemo.

     What's happened to health freedom in America? Doctors can get into big trouble just for recommending alternative treatments. And a doctor who uses natural methods to cure cancer patients can expect to face criminal charges sooner or later.

     But isn't America supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave? Why is our health freedom disappearing from America?

Statistical proof the miracle food works

     The miracle food has demonstrated a success rate of 90 percent, according to the seven-time Nobel Prize nominee who discovered it. She accepted patients who had been written off by other doctors and gave them the miracle food.

     In a 1967 interview over the South German Radio Network she said, "Even in these cases it is possible to restore health in a few months at most, I would truly say 90 percent of the time."

     That's why the miracle food is the cornerstone of my protocol for curing cancer. You can tip the odds even more in your favor by the full protocol - not just the miracle food.

     Remember, my protocol is so simple it fits on a recipe card or index card you can tape to your refrigerator door. And I recommend you do that as a daily reminder.

     Surprisingly, some Canadian researchers are working on a project to evaluate the effectiveness of the "Bill Henderson Protocol," as they call it. I'm helping the researchers get more responses from people who've used my protocol. The researchers need about 1,000 more responses to get some meaningful statistics.

     I look forward to telling you about the statistics when the research is done.

     And keep in mind how affordable my protocol is: just $5.15 a day.

How to know whether you're curing your cancer

     One of the best things about my method is that there's an easy way to tell whether it's working or not.

     You see, my research has uncovered a home cancer test that's as accurate as home pregnancy tests. It's a test practically no one knows about, and it's spot-on accurate.

     A test number over 50 means: yes, you have cancer that needs treatment. If your number is less than 50, you're cancer free. And the test also shows whether your cancer is getting better or worse.

     For example, if your first test gives you a 55, and your next test a month later gives you a 52, you still have cancer, but it's moving in the right direction. And if you stay the course, your next number will probably be below 50, which means you're cancer-free.

     In my new Special Report, I tell you where to order this home cancer test.

Half of all men - and a third of all women - will get cancer

     My new Special Report, How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day, is perhaps the best thing I've ever written on cancer, because:

  • It reflects my latest research and gives you my most up-to-date recommendations.
  • It's simple, concise, and practical.
  • It contains information a cancer patient can quickly and easily use to start getting rid of cancer TODAY!
  • It contains true stories with remarkable testimonials that haven't been published in previous books - stories that give a ray of hope to the hopeless.

     I do publish a 300-page book with more information than you'll find in this Special Report, but it's more expensive and not everyone has the patience to wade through 300 pages. But anyone can quickly and easily read my new Special Report, which contains the distilled essence of what I know about cancer and the best way to treat it. This Special Report is for those who just want to "get to the point" - fast.

     Here's why you need my new Special Report, whether you have cancer or not. Half of all American men will eventually get cancer. And one third of all American women will get it. That means that sooner or later, cancer will strike someone you know and love.

     Imagine this. You could easily show my Special Report to a friend or loved one who faces the horror of chemo and radiation. That could make you a lifesaver. A hero.

     But if you don't order my new Special Report, you won't be in a position to save the life of a loved one - or even to save your own life if, God forbid, you ever get cancer.

     After you've read my new Special Report, you'll literally have more practical knowledge about cancer than 99 percent of cancer doctors. You'll impress your friends, neighbors and colleagues with what you know about cancer. And your knowledge could actually save their lives.

     I can only do so much to break the conspiracy of silence on how to cure cancer. I need the help of friends like you to tell others that there's a better way to get rid of cancer.

How to get my FREE fast-response BONUS GIFT

     If you take advantage of my no-risk 365-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction - and if you do NOW, within the next 24 hours - I'll give you a fast-response bonus that'll practically make you an authority on alternative health treatments.

     You see, as a radio host I've done nearly 100 shows about how to cure cancer gently and naturally. I've interviewed some of the most remarkable experts in the world - people who are living legends in the field of alternative health.

     You're welcome to listen to all of my radio shows, which I've made available on the Internet. But few people have the time to do that.

     Here's a much easier way: I've put together a list of my all-time 10 best shows about how to live cancer free. This FREE fast-response BONUS GIFT I want to give you is exclusive, private access to this top-10 list. Here are some of the highlights you'll discover in this FREE gift:

  • A leading cardiologist explains why so many cancers are linked to a surprisingly common dental procedure - yes, a dental procedure
  • Culprit exposed! Paracelsus Cancer Clinic in Switzerland finds 98 percent of breast cancer cases stem from a problem in the mouth!
  • The alternative M.D. in Florida who's protected by Indian treaties: He routinely cures "terminal" cancers using forbidden treatments, but the government and the medical authorities can't touch him!
  • A super-toxin that's worse than botulism causes more cancers than any other cause. Why so many people have this super-toxin, and how to get rid of it.
  • Chemical overload and cancer: the common chemicals in your household you need to avoid
  • Your personal guide to the best alternative cancer clinics in the world, as reported by an expert who has personally toured 21 of the top clinics in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, and Austria
  • How to get free telephone consulting from a cancer survivor who's eager to share her story.
  • A new way to cure leukemia and myeloma without drugs or radiation. And why radiation in any form is dangerous.
  • How to cure almost any kind of degenerative condition, including cancer, with the right herbs and nutrition: the health secrets of a 20-year cancer survivor.
  • Why you should avoid taking "mandatory" vaccines
  • The common drug that cancels out the benefits of your daily vitamins, making them a waste of money
  • How to never be sick again - and how to never be fat again. You'll never totally understand how to get well (and stay well) until you've heard a remarkable author explain his unique concept about the pathways that lead to disease.

     To get private access to my list of "top 10" radio shows about cancer, simply take advantage of my no-risk offer within the next 24 hours. You'll be able to hear these radio shows at your convenience on the Internet.

     You can have peace of mind about ordering my report because I've taken all the risk on my own shoulders. You risk nothing at all.

My no-risk, 365-day, unconditional money-back guarantee!

     When you order my new Special Report, How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day, plus the FREE fast-response BONUS GIFT, you'll have 365 days to read the information, use it, and evaluate it. That's right. You have a full year to decide whether it's worth the modest $19.95 price.

     And you don't even have to return the report.

     That's right. You MUST be convinced that it's one of the most valuable health investments you've ever made. You MUST be delighted with the information I give you about how to get rid of cancer and enjoy better health. And you MUST be satisfied that you've gotten more than your money's worth.

     Otherwise you'll get a prompt and cheerful refund without any questions, quibbles, or hassles. It's that simple.

     You risk nothing, because you can get a refund of 100 percent of the $19.95, for any reason or for no reason at all! To get the refund, simply request it within 365 days of ordering the Report. And you don't have to return it.

     Why can I afford to offer such a generous guarantee? Simple. Because I give my customers more than they expect for their money, my refund rate is tiny. And the few people who request refunds get their money back cheerfully, not grudgingly. That's because I treat my customers the way I'd like to be treated. I care about you!

     You can order my new Special Report without hesitation, because you'll have a full year to decide whether your purchase is final. Best of all, should you ever request a refund, you don't have to return anything - even if you order a printed copy of my new Special Report. You don't often see a guarantee as generous as that!

     Once again, let me summarize what you get when you order my new Special Report:

  • Details about the remarkable "miracle food" that has cured more stage-four cancers than any other cure I know: where to get it, how to take it, and even how to get it at cost if you have cancer! Yes, cancer patients can get it at cost!!!
  • A summary of the simple protocol I recommend for curing cancer at home. It's so simple it fits on a recipe card or an index card that you can tape to your refrigerator as a reminder.
  • How to shift your immune system into high gear quickly and easily - without spending a fortune
  • The best way to change your body chemistry from cancer-friendly acidic to cancer-killing alkaline - for just pennies a day
  • Private access to my list of "top 10" radio shows about how to cure cancer, which I personally selected out of the hundreds of radio shows I've done over the years. This is the fast-response bonus if you order within the next 24 hours.

     Imagine how confident and empowered you'll feel when you have this life-saving information at your fingertips - information that can save you and your loved ones from the hideous plague of the 21st century: cancer. You have nothing to lose, nothing to risk, a full year to evaluate my new Special Report, and nothing to return if you decide to ask for a refund.

     Click here to order my new Special Report, "How to cure almost any cancer at home for $5.15 a day."

     Order my new Special Report right now at my risk.

     Sincerely yours for health freedom,

     Bill Henderson


     P.S. Remember, if you order my new Special Report within 24 hours, I'll also give you an outstanding FREE fast-response BONUS GIFT: private access to my all-time "top 10" radio shows with the most outstanding experts who reveal the secrets of curing cancer. These are the most exciting, informative, and hope-giving shows out of more than 100 I've taped. To get this FREE fast-response bonus GIFT, order my new Special Report now.

     I understand you or a loved one may at this very moment be in need of some truthful and heartfelt advice about the world of cancer treatments. I know how confusing it can be.

     The facts are in and they are grim.

     According to national cancer statistics, when it comes to chemotherapy for metastasized cancer, barely two patients out of a hundred survive more than five years!

     (In some types of cancer, only one patient out of a thousand survives!)
And please don't forget how deathly sick conventional cancer treatments make the vast majority of patients feel.

[Image] Video

See the proof yourself! Let author Tanya Harter Pierce tell you in her own words how she discovered this remarkable cancer treatment. Then hear from cancer patients themselves, as they share their amazing recoveries from "hopeless" cancer using this simple treatment!

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     You've got better choices. If you or a loved one ever gets cancer, there's one cancer treatment above all that I hope you'll remember.

     This one treatment could very possibly save your life or that of a loved one even if you or they are already suffering and in stage four!

     Yet the FDA, your doctor and medical researchers will never, ever discuss this powerful, over-the-counter liquid with you...

     ...Even though it's saved the lives of cancer patients around the world, and a study at the National Cancer Institute confirmed it does indeed kill cancer cells.

     In my six years of seeking out, studying and researching cancer treatments, I've found no other non-toxic human treatment that's more powerful at killing cancer cells dead in their tracks!

     This liquid drink literally starves cancer cells to death. The dead cells have no choice but to leave your body-and they literally pour out of your body in your sweat!

     It's one of the world's most powerful cancer cures, according to research by Jim Sheridan, a scientist at the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research.

     Some experts believe this treatment may outperform every other cancer treatment that exists!

     Please read that last sentence again.

     Now, I want you to understand me clearly: No cancer treatment has a perfect, 100% success rate. But independent cancer treatment expert Tanya Harter Pierce confided, "I could find more complete recoveries from cancer with [this treatment] than I could find with any other cancer treatment."

     These are documented recoveries, from virtually every kind of cancer, at every stage-even advanced cancers. And in each of these cases, the tumors not only shrank and the cancer got better, but all of the cancer went away completely!

The Treatment That Comes Right to Your Door!

     Even more amazing, patients didn't travel to alternative cancer clinics to get this treatment. They didn't even see a doctor at all. That's because this cancer treatment is available over the counter, without a doctor's prescription.
Think of the countless hours, the huge hassles, and tens of thousands of dollars this could save you or a loved one.

Robert tried it and cured Stage Four stomach cancer

     Robert was 54 years old when he was diagnosed with Stage Four stomach cancer. The cancer had metastasized, or spread, to his bones, his liver and his lymphatic system. Doctors told him they couldn't cure the cancer but might be able to help him live a little longer. They recommended four aggressive chemotherapy drugs plus radiation, right away.

     But Robert couldn't stand the idea of spending his last months enduring harsh treatments that would leave him feeling (and looking) worse than he already did. Instead, he wanted an alternative cancer therapy. And when he discovered this treatment was completely free of side effects, he decided to try it.

     Two months later, Robert returned for a stomach scan. The doctor couldn't believe what he saw: The tumor had shrunk 39 percent. And other tests revealed the cancer in his liver was completely gone!

     Six months after that, Robert's stomach cancer had vanished. Even the bone and lymphatic cancer disappeared! Amazed, the doctor declared his Stage Four stomach cancer "in remission." More than two years later, Robert is still cancer-free.

     If you or a loved one ever needs this amazing treatment to cure cancer, it is readily available and surprisingly affordable. What's more, it may be the easiest-to-use cancer treatment on the planet!

Cure virtually any cancer with an amazing liquid that you drink!

     That's right, the cancer treatment that cured Stage Four cancer is nothing more than a liquid that you drink.

     Instead of dramatically changing your diet or swallowing a bunch of pills, all you do is mix a little non-toxic liquid with water and drink it several times throughout the day. It's that easy. Cancer cells die, break apart and begin pouring out of your body. In some cases, you can actually see them. These dead cells resemble white mucous. Many people see them coming out in their sweat, their urine, their bowel movements, or even out of their nose.

     Hundreds of patients have used this amazing liquid to send their cancers into permanent remission.

     It may sound unbelievable, but it's absolutely true.

     It could be called a miracle cure, but it's really only common sense science backed by years and years of PROVEN life-saving results in real-life patients!

     And many of these patients learned the secrets of getting and using this liquid from alternative cancer treatment expert Tanya Harter Pierce.

     Tanya has spent seven years studying how to properly use this liquid treatment to cure cancer. She is sought after by doctors the world over. She has shared her discoveries with countless cancer patients on the phone and in radio interviews.

     Now for the very first time, Tanya has revealed how you can get this treatment and use it at home to cure yourself or a loved one in Outsmart Your Cancer. The secrets inside have helped cancer patients use this liquid to cure virtually every kind of cancer: prostate, breast, liver, brain, kidney or colon cancer, even America's deadliest cancer - lung cancer.

     Please take a moment to read the following TRUE stories and consider what this non-toxic miracle liquid could do for you or your loved one...

Arch's lung cancer, tonsil cancer and neck cancer vanish!

     "I credit Outsmart Your Cancer with what seems to be a cure of my three cancers: lung, tonsil and neck. The section of the book dealing with [this liquid cancer treatment] and a recommendation by a doctor caused me to order and take this material. I was given a 15% chance of living by a panel of oncologists (cancer specialists); to date I have survived for more than two years with no evidence of cancer in repeated CAT-scans." - Arch, cancer survivor

Pam's aggressive breast tumor is gone!

     Pam's doctors told her she would die a "horrible death" if she refused their orders to get a mastectomy. But not only did Pam save her breasts, she got rid of her tumor at home.

     "A doctor burst through the door after he read [my ultrasound], and he told me this was the fastest-growing, most aggressive cancer he had ever seen. It had spread all through my breast. Outsmart Your Cancer was what I depended on to get me through this situation and know what to do with [this liquid cancer treatment]... Everything I needed was there and it was a Godsend. The last scans that I had... they couldn't find any cancer." -Pam, cancer survivor

John's melanoma disappears!

     John had surgery to remove melanoma from his back. After one of John's lymph nodes tested positive for cancer, his oncologist told him he needed interferon or the cancer would spread.

     "My oncologist... told me originally that I would have a 35% chance of [melanoma] going to internal organs through my bloodstream, and after the Interferon it would only go down to about 33%. I would be bedridden for up to a year. So I went for [the liquid cancer treatment]. I've been taking that for a year now. My last test did not find any cancer."-John, cancer survivor

     These are just three of the hundreds of patients who have used this liquid treatment to cure even Stage Four cancers safely instead of enduring toxic cancer drugs like chemotherapy.

     By now you probably know that when chemotherapy kills cancer cells it also destroys healthy cells. It's why cancer patients get violently ill after treatment. But this liquid kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Patients feel just fine during treatment. How it works is truly remarkable...

Cancer cell breakthrough wins Nobel Prize

     The cells in your body need energy in order to survive. Healthy cells gobble up oxygen to make energy, but cancer cells gobble up sugar. Scientist Otto Warburg discovered this and won the Nobel Prize in 1931.

     Five years later, another scientist had the idea for this liquid cancer treatment. He began developing this formula to target and kill cancer cells. It works naturally, by blocking cancer cells' ability to feed on sugar. Cancer cells literally starve to death.

     Studies by cancer researcher Jim Sheridan confirmed this liquid treatment cured cancer in up to 80 percent of laboratory subjects without side effects. But that's not all, researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) got even better results during their own laboratory tests.

     In 1990, NCI researchers found this liquid killed virtually 100% of cancer cells within 48 hours. The researchers tested lung cancer cells, melanoma cells, colon cancer cells and others. And the incredible results were even confirmed by Dr. Ven Narayanan, who was then head of drug testing for NCI.

The FDA and Big Pharma DO NOT Care
One Single Bit About Saving YOUR Life!

     Sadly, when drug companies could not patent this liquid treatment and make a profit, it was ignored completely!

     In Outsmart Your Cancer, Tanya explains how to get this liquid without a prescription right away. Even more important, she explains the "do's and don'ts" of using it to send cancer into complete remission. For instance:

     In Chapter 12 of Outsmart Your Cancer, discover how often you need to drink this liquid to ensure hungry cancer cells NEVER get fed. Tumors fall apart and cancer can disappear in a matter of months.

     You'll also discover WHICH liquid formula will work best to cure your cancer. There are two different formulas. One works better for certain cancers. Tanya gives you full details.

     Then, you'll get the names of the key supplements you should AVOID at all costs while taking this liquid or risk throwing cancer cells a life-line. Follow this simple secret and this liquid is strong enough to cure even hard-to-reach cancers, like brain tumors.

4 year old Scott's brain tumor dissolved!

     Scott was only 4 years old when he started having seizures. Brain scans showed he had a brain tumor. Doctors recommended surgery, even though it could permanently damage his ability to speak. Instead, Scott's parents gave him this liquid cancer treatment to drink, following the secrets you'll find in Outsmart Your Cancer.

     Three months later, Scott's seizures stopped. The tumor shrank and soon doctors could no longer see it on brain scans. At last report, Scott was 14 years old and cancer-free!

     This liquid cancer treatment has cured many children like Scott. And it is far easier for children to drink this non-toxic liquid than undergo painful chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Turn to Chapter 12 for crucial information on using this liquid to cure children with cancer. But that's not all...

     You can even use this liquid treatment to cure beloved family pets of cancer. Get full details for curing cancer in cats, dogs, even horses! Outsmart Your Cancer can help you or anyone you love beat virtually any cancer.

To uncover these secrets on your own is virtually impossible,
not to mention it would take hundreds of hours

     Doctors are prohibited from telling you how to use this liquid cancer treatment. You already know it's illegal in the U.S. for an M.D. to use any alternative therapy to treat cancer. (Tanya is a retired psychotherapist, so she's in the clear.)

     The makers of this liquid face similar legal issues. If they give you any information on treating cancer, FDA agents could drag them off to jail. (Tanya does not profit from this treatment-or any cancer treatment-so they can't harass her.)

Here's how to save your life at a miniscule fraction of what traditional (toxic) treatments cost you... and gain the upper hand over this killer disease. Keep reading to find out how you can massively increase your chance of surviving even stage four cancer.

     Outsmart Your Cancer tells you how to get this liquid treatment for as little as $75 a month. Plus, this newly updated second edition gives you 48 pages of additional cancer secrets, including more than nine key secrets for using this liquid to cure virtually any cancer.

     This vital information makes Outsmart Your Cancer a life-saver, but it's not the only reason this alternative treatment guide can save your life or the life of someone you love...

Nearly two dozen blockbuster cancer treatments producing thousands of cancer recoveries you'll want to know about!

     The second edition of Outsmart Your Cancer details 21 of the most successful, safest treatments Tanya discovered since she began investigating alternative cancer treatments in 2001.

     Since then, Tanya has dug through thousands of pages of research on 37 different alternative cancer therapies. She has interviewed prominent doctors and scientists and talked to hundreds of cancer patients.

     Though almost every one of those 37 alternative treatments provides some benefit, 21 treatments have produced record numbers of cancer recoveries. In Outsmart Your Cancer, Tanya reveals all 21 treatments and how to use them successfully!


"We are using [the treatment in Chapter 4] to help fight pancreatic cancer. It has been over a year ago that my husband was told he had 4 months to live. The doctors that have worked on him
all call him a miracle...
He is healthy and doing great" - L. Watts, Outsmart Your Cancer reader



In 1991 Cliff was diagnosed with Stage Four prostate cancer. His PSA was 75 - that's 18 times higher than normal. Cliff's surgeon wouldn't even operate, because the cancer had spread to his lymph system. Cliff discovered [the treatment in Chapter 13] and six months later his PSA was completely normal, down to 0.1.
Twelve years later, Cliff is still cancer-free.


Brenda's colon cancer had spread to seven lymph nodes. Doctors said she had a "one in one tousand chance" of surviving for five years. Brenda refused radiation and chemotherapy and instead tried [the treatment in Chapter 6]. In a matter of months her cancer was gone. Thirteen years later, Brenda is healthy and doctors can find no cancer anywhere in her body!

     Get your own printed copy or digital download of this newly updated incredible guide, Outsmart Your Cancer. Discover little-known, hard-to-find secrets of using each of these 21 leading alternative cancer treatments to cure cancer. Don't delay, printed copies of the first edition sold out in just 5 days and we expect these to go just as fast.

Get the secrets of using 21 leading alternative cancer therapies!

     Outsmart Your Cancer details 21 of the most successful, safest treatments Tanya discovered in her research. It also tells the secrets of using each of these treatments the right way. For instance, you'll discover how:

  • Jerry cured prostate cancer at home! Doctors recommended surgery for Jerry's large prostate tumor. Instead, he took ionic minerals. In his own words: "Three years later, they still can't find the tumor, and I feel wonderful!" The ionic minerals annihilate large tumors almost anywhere in the body by wiping out high numbers of cancer cells in just a few days. But you MUST take a high-dose mineral supplement for success. All the facts, in Chapter 16.
  • Advanced brain cancer disappeared! Pamela's tumor was an aggressive brain astrocytoma. Radiation and surgery couldn't knock it out. But when she started taking a doctor's special amino acid therapy, her tumor disappeared within three months. The FDA refuses to approve this safe therapy, but there is a loophole. Complete details, in Chapter 8.
  • Herbal tea wiped out "incurable" cancer! Minerva was supposed to die of stomach cancer. But she drank a tasty herbal tea and lived 21 more years. This tea was discovered by a Canadian nurse from a patient who had used it more than 100 years ago. Many versions are now available at health food stores. But only ONE was developed by an M.D., using the original clinical research. The full story, in Chapter 4.
  • 83 percent are still cancer-free 18 years later! In a medical study, 180 patients suffering from 30 different kinds of cancer took an extract of a common seed. An astounding 83 percent went into remission and were still cancer-free 18 years later. There were no toxic side effects, either. Many cancer patients think you can get this treatment only in Mexico or Germany, but a handful of doctors in the U.S. CAN legally give it to you or your loved one. Turn to Chapter 6.
  • Rare leukemia gone! A French diplomat's wife was given three weeks to live because of a rare leukemia. But she tried a French biologist's treatment that blocks CKF-the chemical that cancer cells give off to become invisible to your immune system. Within months she recovered completely! Chapter 15 tells you how to get this treatment and use it at home.
  • 100 percent of advanced cancer patients went into remission because of energy waves. Yes, you heard that right: Energy waves cured terminal cancer. Sixteen patients with various advanced cancers were exposed to energy waves (similar to waves that are received by your radio) for a few minutes each day. Four months later, every single patient was cured! Machines for this therapy are readily available, but not every one is effective. In Chapter 14, discover how to find one that works.
  • Stage Three melanoma vanished: cures hopeless uterine cancer, too! Doctors said Della Mae would die of uterine cancer. But she took a combination of wild herbs and lived 50 more years, dying of natural causes at age 99. Jeanette used the same herbs for Stage Three melanoma. In one month, her cancer was gone. These herbs are available only from a group of skilled doctors. See Chapter 3.
  • Fruits and vegetables prevent cancer, but cure it? Tens of thousands of patients and more than 200 medical articles confirm this German doctor's diet sends cancer into complete remission. The cancer industry has covered up this food cure for over 60 years. Now you can use it yourself, once you know how. Turn to Chapter 5.
  • "Hopeless" pancreatic cancer whipped! People assume pancreatic cancer is a death sentence. But William whipped his own pancreatic cancer and has stayed cancer-free for nearly 40 years! The incredible enzymes that saved him have helped more than 33,000 cancer patients with lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma and much more. Information on how to get this treatment in Chapter 7.

The shocking failure of chemotherapy

     The 21 alternative cancer treatments you'll discover in Outsmart Your Cancer have routinely cured thousands of cancer patients in all stages of cancer. In fact, many patients have recovered completely and have enjoyed 10 years, 20 years, even 50 years of living cancer-free!

     Sadly, patients who've submitted to conventional treatments often struggle to survive even five years without a cancer recurrence. Here's surprising proof that conventional treatment is failing our loved ones:

     During a 14-year review of chemotherapy, oncologists examined the results of all of the randomized, controlled clinical trials of chemotherapy. The oncologists concluded that chemo improves five-year patient survival rates by only 2 percent. And, according to the oncologists themselves, that is "the upper limit of effectiveness."

     Two percent! Any other medical treatment with such a dismal success rate would be branded a complete failure. Yet many conventional doctors still tell cancer patients that if they refuse chemo, they're making a deadly mistake! With Outsmart Your Cancer, you'll have the life-saving TRUTH at your fingertips.

If you get cancer, drop everything and do this first...

     Before you talk to any doctor about conventional cancer treatment, please turn to Chapter 22 of Outsmart Your Cancer. You'll discover a list of eight questions to ask your doctor. Their answers will help you honestly evaluate any conventional treatments he or she recommends for your particular cancer.

     Outsmart Your Cancer gives you the same help for rating alternative doctors and alternative treatments, too. In Chapter 23, you'll find a set of guidelines for choosing the absolute top alternative treatment for your particular cancer case.

     The mother of a two-year-old little girl who survived deadly cancer with an alternative treatment in Outsmart Your Cancer said it best:

     "Take courage, then take charge."

     Outsmart Your Cancer makes it easy to take charge of any cancer situation you or a loved one could ever find yourselves in. It wipes away the confusion and misinformation surrounding cancer treatments.

     You'll get the secrets of using 21 leading alternative cancer treatments, including more than nine key secrets of beating cancer with what's probably the easiest, most powerful alternative cancer cure on the planet, the amazing liquid that you drink that sends cancer cells pouring out of your body!

     You'll discover how this amazing liquid and each of these 21 cancer treatments work and which cancers they work best for. You'll learn exactly how to find and use each treatment.

     You'll receive complete information, including names, phone numbers and addresses, for each at-home treatment. And for the treatments that require a qualified doctor's supervision, you'll get a list of leading doctors.

     Just as important, when you need courage, Outsmart Your Cancer gives you that, too...

You'll get a FREE CD with 12 inspirational stories
of cancer survivors

     Just listening to the amazing stories on the CD Everyday Miracles: How 12 Ordinary People Outsmarted Their Cancer will inspire you. You'll hear 12 cancer survivors describe in their own words their personal battles with cancer. You'll hear exactly how they beat their cancers using the alternative cancer treatments revealed in Outsmart Your Cancer. For example:

  • Betty used to work with breast cancer patients, then she became one herself. Betty had seen the devastating effects of chemo, radiation and disfiguring surgery on women with breast cancer.So, when she learned she had a breast cancer she used an alternative approach to shrink her tumor. Betty explains exactly the all-natural diet that she used. (The same diet in Chapter 13 of Outsmart Your Cancer.) Plus, Betty reveals which supplements she used.
  • LaVaughn battled stomach cancer and his conventional doctors. Chemo for stomach cancer almost killed LaVaughn. He was in the hospital with a 106-degree fever, a staph infection and double pneumonia. What's worse, doctors wanted to keep giving him poisonous treatments.

    But LaVaughn had had enough of their medicine. Against his doctors' wishes (they said he'd die), LaVaughn went home and started using an alternative cancer treatment that's in Chapter 16 of Outsmart Your Cancer. His cancer (and both infections) disappeared completely. Three years later, he's healthy as an ox.

  • Michelle was told her two-year-old daughter would die of leukemia. Doctors gave little Sydney a 5 percent chance of surviving Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Desperate, Michelle started giving her the amazing liquid drink in Chapter 9 of Outsmart Your Cancer. Soon, Sydney's blood tests showed all of the leukemia was gone. At last report she was eight years old, in second-grade, and perfectly healthy!
  • Plus 9 other exciting, hope-giving survivor stories.

     This inspiring CD is YOURS FREE when you order the newly updated second edition of Outsmart Your Cancer today through this special offer. Plus, we'll also give you a FREE transcript of all 12 survivor stories when you order Outsmart Your Cancer. Remember, printed copies of the first edition sold out in just 5 days and we expect these to go just as fast.

     Better yet, when you order today you'll also receive...

Second FREE BONUS-an exclusive interview with
Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D.

     In your SECOND FREE BONUS, you'll get an exclusive interview with Dr. Julian Whitaker about his all-time top recommendations for cancer patients. Dr. Whitaker is a living legend in alternative medicine, or as he calls it, "good medicine."

     On page one of this special report, Dr. Whitaker reveals his #1 recommendation to cancer patients who visit his clinic.

     You'll also learn important ways to prevent cancer and all chronic illnesses such as diabetes. For instance, on page 5, Dr. Whitaker reveals his simple secret for losing weight. Dr. Whitaker himself used it to lose 30 pounds without eating any less.

Plus, you'll get a third FREE BONUS -
How to Put Out the "Fire" Behind Your Cancer

     In your THIRD FREE BONUS, you'll discover how some food is causing cancer, and how other foods can cure it.

     For instance, on page 4, you'll find seven cancer-fighting fruits and one immune-boosting spice that every cancer patient should eat every week.

     Then on page 3, you'll discover how one important enzyme can teach your immune system to fight cancer. And flip to page 2 to learn the four hidden causes of cancer and then discover five ways to stop them in their tracks.

Order your own personal copy of Outsmart Your Cancer

     There's so much more I'd like to tell you about the 506 pages of life-saving information you'll get in Outsmart Your Cancer. In addition to discovering the secrets of how to cure cancer safely with 21 top alternative cancer treatments, you'll also find some surprising ways to avoid a cancer diagnosis in the first place. For instance:

  • Make your body immune to cancer. How to use your natural "cancer control mechanisms" to prevent cancer - even if the disease runs in your family. Over 100 years of research prove this is true. Turn to Chapter 2.
  • Cut your child's risk of leukemia. Research shows children exposed to one common thing at home had a 300% HIGHER risk of the leading childhood cancer. By not doing this one thing, you can cut your child's risk of leukemia dramatically. Look in section 1.
  • The shocking link between root canals and cancer. Twenty-five years of research on 5,000 experiments show a surprising connection between root canals and degenerative disease. And newer research also shows a link to cancer. If you have had a root canal, here's what to do in Chapter 21.
  • The bitter-sweet truth about your food. A common sweetener in everything from juices to chewing gum is causing breast and brain cancer. How it slipped through the cracks at the FDA and what you need to know to avoid it. Turn to Chapter 2.
  • And much, much more.

Get your copy of this just released second edition now!

     You can choose to receive the new edition of Outsmart Your Cancer as a printed softcover book - OR you can choose to receive it as a digital download, start reading it just minutes from now, and save shipping & handling to boot! It's up to you - a softcover book in a few days or digital download right away.

     No matter which one you choose you get all the free bonuses:

     FREE BONUS #1: Everyday Miracles: How 12 Ordinary People Outsmarted Their Cancer - interviews with cancer survivors -a written transcript of the interviews to go along with your FREE audio CD. (a $7.95 value, yours FREE)

     FREE BONUS #2: The Special Report with Dr. Julian Whitaker, Interview with a Living Legend (a $7.95 value, yours FREE)

     FREE BONUS #3: The Special Report How to Put Out the "Fire" Behind Your Cancer (a $7.95 value, yours FREE)

     We'll ship the three bonuses right along with your softcover book or download them if you choose to buy Outsmart Your Cancer in that form (including a downloaded audio file of the 12 interviews, and the written transcript).

     So click on the "order" button now and make your choice.

     But don't delay! Printed copies of the first edition sold out in just 5 days, and this second edition has 10 more treatments and more than 69 pages of additional life-saving information.

Examine Outsmart Your Cancer for 90 days at no risk...

If you do nothing else, I urge you or your loved one
to examine and use this book at no risk.
You'll see - a cancer patient can begin healing without the
toxic effects of chemotherapy in as little as three weeks!

     You take absolutely no risk when you decide to examine the newly updated second edition of Outsmart Your Cancer. If you order the print copy and don't feel satisfied - for any reason or no reason at all - just return the book during the first 90 days and I'll give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. And you get to keep the CD, transcript and two FREE BONUS reports!

     If you order an instant digital download you can't really send the book back, but that's okay. I'll give you your refund anyway.

     You have no doubt heard the saying, knowledge is power. Well, that's never been truer than when it comes to cancer.

     This amazing liquid cancer treatment and each of the 21 cancer treatments you've just discovered could save your life or the life of someone you love. But only if you know the secrets of where to get them and how to use them correctly!

     Outsmart Your Cancer is your how-to guide for choosing and using the best treatment for your cancer.

     Until conventional doctors finally embrace these alternative cancer cures, you're on your own. But you're certainly not alone. Outsmart Your Cancer gives you the knowledge, the power and the courage you need to become cancer-free for life. I urge you to order this breakthrough book right away. Order now.

     For your good health,

     Lee Euler
     Publisher, Online Publishing & Marketing

     P.S. This is truly an amazing, money-saving offer. The just released newly updated second edition of Outsmart Your Cancer gives you 506 pages of the latest "how-to" secrets of curing virtually any cancer, at any stage, using safe, non-toxic alternative treatments. Printed copies of the first edition sold out in just 5 days, and we expect these to go just as fast.

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