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Saturday, May 26, 2012

How Your Joints Can Heal Themselves


Dear Kelley -

I know you trust Natural Health Dossier to give you the latest and best methods for improving your health. So it's my responsibility to make sure I share any solution I come across that might help you stay healthy and active for years to come.

Today, I wanted to bring your attention to a special message from Jim Healthy of Arthritis Interrupted. It's about a new joint pain treatment from Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

Get all the details below. I hope Dr. Sinatra's healing therapy has tremendous benefits for your health.

To your health,

Maria Daly
Associate Publisher
NHD "Health Watch"

How Your Joints Can Heal Themselves

If you have arthritis - or know someone who does - you're going to love this new arthritis-reversing discovery that puts an end to joint pain without drugs and makes replacement surgery unnecessary.

A famous M.D. tells me he's created a revolutionary non-drug treatment that halts joint inflammation ... rebuilds cartilage ... and restores mobility in 30 days or less. I have high respect for this doctor and his discovery is definitely worth a look.

It's not some "miracle" supplement, doctor- administered procedure or unsubstantiated gimmick. On the contrary, hundreds of scientific studies prove that arthritis, joint pain and degenerating immobility can indeed be reversed with this remarkable all-natural approach.

Most orthopedic surgeons will tell you it's not possible because they're only taught about painkillers and joint replacement.

But here's what one surprised doctor reported after viewing the x-rays of a patient who underwent this new arthritis-reversing treatment:

"This patient displays a remarkable recovery. His x-rays show new cartilage where there was very little just one year ago..."


All this is laid out in Dr. Stephen Sinatra's book; the 30-day plan that leads you step-by-step to an arthritis healing lifestyle.

Day by day, you'll see how to get off all those drugs and control your pain naturally, and actually re-grow soft, cushiony cartilage in your joints and between your vertebrae.

Best of all, it really works!

Arthritis Interrupted describes how you can be pain-free and actually reverse your arthritis.

If you don't feel a dramatic improvement in that time, return the book and we will refund your price with no questions asked.

Keep Getting Better!

Jim Healthy

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